The Christmas season is always an exciting and interesting time of year for many people. I believe though that the season of Christmas with the gifts, music, and many other traditions can often distract us from what Christmas is really about. Of course, for Christians, most of us understand that Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus. What often occurs though is that sometimes in the midst of celebrating the birth of Christ we forget about the mission and the purpose of the birth of Christ.

In Luke chapter one we find Mary in an interesting situation, confronted by the angel Gabriel. This angel Gabriel came to Mary with a message. A message that would change her life and change the story of the world we live in. Gabriel said this to Mary:

“Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. And the Lord God will give to him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of his kingdom there will be no end.”


The angel here gives Mary a message and declares what Jesus will be to the world and tells of the coming kingdom that Christ will bring to earth through his life and death. From the first time that Mary heard the name of Jesus,  He had a mission and a purpose in His birth. Jesus was born to die. Born to die to bring forth a new life for humanity and a new kingdom for the citizens of earth to become a part of. The mission of Christ’s life was out of the selfless love of God by sending His son as a gift for all humanity. The gift of Christ’s birth is the gift of Grace to all people. Grace is given through the perfect life of Christ and through the undeserving death on the cross. What is so beautiful about the story of Christmas is the birth of an innocent child born to die for a guilty world.

As the Christmas season has rolled around once again are we remembering the gift that we have received from God? Or are we more concerned about the gifts we are giving and receiving from other people? Christmas is often reflective of how many Christians live their lives. We become caught up more so in what we give and receive from humans more so than what we give and receive from God. The gift of Grace has been given to us through the birth of Jesus through the mission of His life He received at conception. Will Christmas remind us that our lives are to be reflective of making known the accomplished mission of Christ, or will we allow Christmas to be what it always has for many of us, just another holiday? We have been given the gift of Grace. Will we show the world and be reminded going into a new year that the accomplished mission of Jesus is the message that gives our life purpose?

Keep pressing. Right now I know you may be going through parts of life that hurt. I’ve been there. I feel your pain. People leave you, people hurt you, people will make decisions and do things that you never thought they would do. People will break the promises that they’ve made to you. You may be in a moment where you feel that you cannot trust anyone and you feel like that you have no value or any calling on your life. Trust me I get it. But I want to motivate you and encourage you. Keep pressing. I find that often in these moments of pain that it is so easy for us to focus on only the hurt that we may be going through. What this begins to do in your life is isolate you and makes you feel as if you are doing life alone and walking by yourself.

The enemy would love nothing more for you to buy into that and to lose sight of where God is taking you and where He has brought you from. Often we forget about the journey that God has us on. In life, there are unexpected turns and places that we end up on the journey. Isn’t that what a journey is though? If it was easy and if it always worked out the way we wanted it to it would it really be a journey? Often in these moments of hurt, we allow the season of pain or the moment of confusion to be greater than the God of the season. For me, this has happened often where I find myself in a moment or a situation that I don’t quite understand and I begin to question God and wonder if He really is as good as everyone says that He is. I believe though that these moments of pain can remind us of something instead of allowing it to let us forget God’s goodness.

What pain often does to us is blinds us, confuses us, and pulls us. In moments of hurt, we become blinded of what God has done in our lives so far. We forget about how much thanks we should give him for the blessings that we have, but what we do is become blinded by the pain and confusion we are going through. As we become blinded we then become confused as to who God is and we begin to question His goodness and His love for us because we have forgotten about all that He has already done, and as we become blinded and confused we can be pulled away from the faith that we have in God. In the bible, the disciples that followed Jesus for three years found their selves in a moment of pain and confusion much like you may be in. At the end of Jesus’s ministry, Jesus is taken away and crucified. After this occurs the disciples that followed Him for three years disappear and go into hiding because of their fear. Peter one of the disciples closest to Jesus denied knowing Jesus three times! These men were in a place of confusion and pain where they were blinded of what all Jesus had already done, beginning to question if who Jesus who He really said He was, and Peter was completely pulled from His faith in Jesus in just a moment. You may be just like the disciples. In a moment or season of life, you don’t quite understand or really like. But what is so cool about this story is that after Jesus is resurrected He comes to the disciples and reveals His resurrection to them. After Jesus does this, later on in the book of Acts these same men go from being in hiding and denying Jesus to preaching the gospel to thousands of people and even dying for the message of Jesus. For the disciples, the resurrection showed that Jesus was faithful and who He really said that He was. They realized that their victory was found in His victory and not their own.

The same can be said for you. Whatever moment you are in or hurt you are feeling find hope and victory in knowing that you can keep pressing on towards victory. Not because of anything you have done or any season you are in, but because the resurrection of Jesus is real and good and gives us hope and victory in something greater than anything of this earth.

I am a white 22-year-old male from a small town in South Georgia..Cordele, Georgia. Cordele is an interesting place. The town is divided by a railroad track. On one side is populated by predominantly white people, and black people mainly populate the other side. On the “black” side of town is where the “projects” are, and many of my white peers and people older than me called it “the bad side of town.” From a young age, I didn’t understand racial divide or realize what a huge issue it was. As I grew older and came to Christ and saw how few black people went to the First Baptist Church, I attended I began to see that the most segregated time of the week was on Sunday morning. This bothers me severely.  Our schools are multicultural, where we shop is multicultural, the TV shows we watch are multicultural, but our churches are not.

Over the past few years, there has been a rising of what is called the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Where there have been many events of police brutality towards black people this movement has become very prevalent to bring attention to just one of the racial problems we seem to have in our country.

As the news broadcasted story after story of young black men being murdered, I saw a humongous divide arise among white people and black people. I saw in our country a divide created that made me so angry at what our world had become. I saw so many Christians find more importance in picking a side of the divide instead of picking to unite in love. I struggled with this because the majority of the white people I knew seemed to find reasons to excuse the actions of police instead of seeking to find reasons to share the hurt of those who were hurting. Since when is “being right” more important than comforting those who hurt? Maybe the world around us is falling apart, and the world is dividing us so that the church of Jesus Christ can be the anomaly that stands up and says: “WHAT THE WORLD SEEKS TO DIVIDE, JESUS LOOKS TO UNITE.”

Galatians 6:2 writes: “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

I pray that I am a man that seeks to bear the burdens of those who hurt. I believe that Jesus emulated and was the human example of carrying the burdens of all people. Bearing the burden’s of Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Middle Easterners, and any and every race there is.

I have had Black Lives Matter explained to me like this. Imagine you are walking in your neighborhood, and there is one house on fire, and you say “All Houses Matter”… yeah, that’s true, but are you still going to choose to let that one house burn down? I don’t think so. Black Lives Matter . . .because they do to Jesus. The church must quit ignoring the racial issues in our communities. Yes, it will be uncomfortable, and there will be awkward moments, but this has to happen for there to be a change in the world we live in. So let us as followers of Jesus quit looking to be right and looking to win arguments and simply look to unite in love and Jesus. It is when we do this that the world will see that the church and Jesus are for the healing of hurting hearts, and the healing of those that are broke and those that don’t understand what’s going on in this crazy world we live in. So yes Black Lives Matter, because they do to Jesus, and they should to you too. Quit looking to be right and instead look to unite in a love that is so much greater than we can ever understand.  A love that brings understanding to our unique cultural differences and a love that brings together people in a way only Jesus can. A love that created all people differently to glorify God in many different ways.

Anxiety is described as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.  All people in some way deal with anxiety. For some, it is more severe than others.  At the root of anxiety is the fear of the uncertainty and the unknown. Inside of the concept of uncertainty is the lack of control on behalf of the person dealing with anxiousness.

Paul writes on anxiety in Philippians 4:6-9 saying:

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

I believe that in dealing with anxiety and stress, there are a few ideas that hold direct relation to the stress in our lives.

1.  The thing you find the most joy in is often what you are most devoted to.

Meaning that what you are passionate about and what you care about will be what you spend the most time on. Our time and devotion will go towards school, jobs, family, relationships and etc. While these things are not bad, they often can be the things that we are most devoted to. Why do we devote time to these things? Because they directly affect US.

2. What you are most devoted to will be what you worry about.

How often have the things that you become involved with create stress in your life? I know for myself that I had had plenty of times when all my devotion and time was invested in numerous things that I had become stressed out and anxious about the outcomes of numerous things. Often what we are most devoted to will be the fuel to our stress and anxiety.

The reason I mention Joy and Devotion in relation to anxiety is that as we read these verses in Philippians 4:6-9 the first thing that Paul says is “Rejoice in the Lord, Again I say Rejoice.” So the question I raise is: If what we find the most joy in is usually what we are most devoted to what will our lives and our anxiety look like if our joy is shifted from ourselves to the Lord? I believe that we get to this place by using the instructions that Paul gives in being in prayer, in thanks, and thinking of the goodness and the mercy of Christ. I encourage you to read these verses in Philippians and take the time to think about the things that you are most devoted to and how they may be sources of stress in your life. When you begin to struggle with the need to satisfy your devotions remember these verses and this statement that I find helpful “Less Devotion to me is Greater Devotion to He.” Christ is worth your devotion. God saw loved you to send a Savior to you He deserves your full attention and full devotion. Look to finding full devotion and satisfaction in rejoicing in the Lord as a source of aid and healing to the stresses and anxieties of your life.

Recently I have been having problems with my iPhone. It doesn’t seem to hold a charge and often when I use certain apps the phone will shut off and jump down from like 80 percent to 10 percent. It’s aggravating and really inconvenient. But when my phone stays plugged in it stays charged and doesn’t die, and the longer it is plugged in, the longer the charge will hold. This is almost exactly how our Christian walks are. For many of us, our perseverance in faith and how alive we are in Christ is dependent on how plugged into Christ we are.

It is very easy to become caught up in everyday life that we forget that we MUST stay plugged into God to keep a charge for Him in our lives. For myself, I have to find time in my day to seek after the goodness and the grace of Jesus and allow it to charge my life so that I can persevere in all circumstances of life. To make this practical I believe there are three ways that we can stay charged for who God is. These three ways are based on the verses in Philippians 4:4-7 that state:

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

1. Rejoice
As life hits you hard and often days are trying, find strength and power in just rejoicing in the good news that is Christ and salvation. I think it’s interesting here that Paul states this twice at the beginning of these verses. It’s quite obvious that Paul sees the power in the simple act of rejoicing and letting everyone know that our joy in everyday life is found in Christ. I would challenge you to ask yourself “Am I showing the joy of Christ to all people in my everyday life?”

2. Prayer and Thanksgiving
I think this is a pretty obvious one, but we must stay in constant communication with God so that we will be able to give thanks for all the good that God has gifted us with, along with requesting for supplication in the difficult times. Paul realizes that as times of anxiousness come and as we look to stay plugged into Christ we have to be in communication with God and seek to find understanding for our lives in the act of prayer.

3. Seek Peace
What are you seeking? No really, what is the one thing that you are seeking after more than anything else. Paul writes that as we rejoice in Christ and are in prayer that the peace of God will surpass all understanding. As we rejoice in Christ and as we go to Him in Prayer peace will come to us, but are you truly seeking the peace of God? Are you really wanting to let the peace of God be what gives you charge to life and give you perseverance? Seek Peace.

My challenge and Prayer to you is that you would Rejoice, Pray, and Seek. It is by doing this that you will find perseverance and understanding of how to stay fully charged to Christ and be plugged in at all times and in all seasons of life.

I struggle.

The Christian walk is not easy; I have a hard time some days fully grasping the fact that I get to live in the forgiveness of Jesus. For me some days I do not truly cherish the price that Christ paid. It’s so easy to make it appear as if everything on the inside is fine when it isn’t. I write this from a place where I am seeking Christ and pursuing Him daily, but yet I still struggle. My flesh is so easy to give into, and so often I allow my sinful desires to come between myself and a God that loves me more than I can imagine. I give into anger, jealousy, selfishness, lust, and a many number of sins that turn me away from the Cross. I find though that it is in the middle of these struggles that I find myself living in surrender to Christ more than I would before. It is in the midst of the struggle that my life is truly in worship to Christ because it is then that I realize that nothing I can do can free myself from sin, but only in daily surrender to Christ can I find true freedom. I believe that our worship is more than singing songs and reading the Bible, but true worship is living a life in daily surrender and obedience to Christ.  I write this to relate to the person out there that is struggling, the person that needs some encouragement and needs just to take a step back and realize that we cannot do anything apart from living in the freedom found in surrendering to Christ. This life isn’t going to be easy, but it will be satisfying. In the beginning of the Psalms in Psalm 1, the Psalmist writes:

Blessed is the man
who walks not in the counsel of the wicked,
nor stands in the way of sinners,
nor sits in the seat of scoffers;
but his delight is in the law of the Lord,
And on his law, he meditates day and night.

What I find interesting here is that at the beginning of the greatest collection of worship songs ever written (Yes even better than Hillsong and Elevation)  the Psalmist states that the blessed will be the one who finds satisfaction or delight in the law of the Lord. See the law in the Old Testament was given to the nation of Israel to follow so that they could live the best life that God had for them in obedience to Him and His Law. When Christ came, He fulfilled the law, and in replacement of the law we now follow Him and find freedom in who Christ is and His work on the Cross.

So as I read this Psalm, I find myself in a place where I must find delight in obedience to Christ. A delight and joy in Christ that must be what I am fully devoted to. So that as any sinful desires arise in me the delight I have in Jesus is so much greater. My prayer for you in reading this is that if you’re struggling..find delight. Find delight in the fact that Jesus has paid the way for you, that when there was no way we could do it all on our own God sent a savior to bring us joy. So find delight in the Lord, and meditate on Him day and night, the blessings to come will be much greater than the temporary satisfactions of sin. Our delight in Jesus will lead to a daily worship of obedience to Him.

You are going to die tomorrow.

Morbid thought right? But really, what if you knew for a fact that you would die tomorrow? I, for one, would probably freak out. I’d have a million thoughts running through my mind. But I think my first question would be how would I die? Would I go out like a hero and save kidnapped hostages and die with valor? Or would I trip into the street and get hit by a truck? I wouldn’t want to die like a chump. But that’s not really the purpose of this post.

The question I want to raise is this: How differently would we act towards each other if we lived every single day like tomorrow was our last? There have been so many times in my life that I have let my anger and impatience over the stupidest things gets the best of me.

This past summer I spent 6 weeks in New York City. I remember on one particular day I was in a Dunkin Doughnuts and I was roughly the 5th person in line, and the line at the time was moving pretty steadily. It was pretty impressive how fast the cashier and the worker handing us our orders were moving. Things kept moving smoothly and people were getting their orders when an older lady came up to the cashier. She then placed her order and the cashier gave her the total amount she was to pay, it was around three dollars and some change. She then began to dig through her purse and she then pulled a small plastic bottle out of her purse. When I began looking at the bottle I realized that every single coin in the bottle were pennies. She began to slowly pour the majority of these pennies on the counter. I and all the people in the line gave out a sigh of irritation and disgust towards this woman. It was as if we were saying, “How could you make me wait 5 extra minutes for my coffee?”  The cashier at the register shared the same irritation that many of us in the line felt. He then proceeded to refuse to serve this woman if she could not pay with something other than hundreds of pennies. As they continued to argue about it I felt myself become very annoyed. In the end, I wound up leaving the store because I did not feel like waiting any longer. Looking back on it, it was a silly thing to get worked up over.

If I were to go back to that moment and live in it as if I were going to die the next day I probably would have responded differently in a number of ways. I may not have gotten mad at all. I may have even bought the woman’s order just to make things easier on everyone there. It seems that when any moment of our lives is put into a new perspective and we begin to understand that nothing in life is guaranteed, not even tomorrow, we end up with a different way of viewing people and the situations we are in. This thought of living as if today were my last has rattled in my brain the last few days bringing to the front of my mind a number of thoughts as to how I treat people and what the things are that I really value in this life.  And as I think about it, I at times have treated people very poorly. Only responding to situations with my own selfish agenda in mind.  It is hard to realize that we do this in the moments where we are acting in a selfish manner.

If I lived every day like it was my last, I could very well become a totally different person. I would probably not get mad at the person that takes too long in line. I wouldn’t become irritated at the person driving too slow in the left-hand lane. I would make sure that the people I care about the most knew I cared about them.  I would want to make sure I was remembered for loving the heck out of people before I loved myself. I would probably live with the purpose of others in mind. Blake Fine would wake up every day and think, “Who can I love and serve besides myself today?” Even as I write this I am convicted as to how selfish I live and think.

When I think of a person who knew the end was coming and lived like it, I think of Jesus. Jesus knew He was on earth for only a number of years. He knew that His purpose was to serve others. He lived with the purpose of dying for people as a savior and every action and miracle he performed was an act of love. He never placed Himself before others and was always living with the thought in mind that it would all come to an end soon. Numerous times He told the Apostles that the end would be near. Through it all, he remained steadfast in love and patience.

So how are you living? Are you living for your own agenda? And if you die tomorrow would all your work for yourself really matter? Do you make sure that the people you love know you love them? Is your purpose in life to serve people before yourself?  If you want to live like Jesus then I challenge you, look at every day as if it were your last and you might just start turning into a different person. A person that looks more like Jesus than you ever imagined.

I think we all like to be in control. The desire to be in full control of all aspects of life is something that I struggle with and have most of my life. In the last few years, I have found myself enjoying reading more than I have ever had before. What I love about reading is that the author has total control of the words that you read. In fiction works the author controls the plot, conflict, protagonist, antagonist, etc. In nonfiction books, the author controls the ideas that are being presented and the ways in which the author presents these ideas. When an author writes they have full control over the what occurs on the pages of any given book.

In relation to authors and books, I often feel that I want to be the own author of my life most days. I want to be in control of what happens, and I want the best for myself. I want to be the hero of my story, and I also want to write my story. We all have a strong desire to be in control of life, and while there are things that we can control there are many things we have zero control over. I have found myself many times in situations where I wanted so badly to control the outcome, but also knew in the midst of it there was no way that I could. Have you ever been in that place of fear? A place that forces you to realize that there must be something greater in control of the story of our lives. I have. While this can be scary, it is also freeing. There is freedom found in allowing the better author than yourself write your story. The story that God has for you. When we become a part of the family of God and are children of God, we are now apart of the greatest story ever written. The story of salvation in Jesus. In this story, we no longer have to try and be the hero because Christ has become our greatest hero through His work on the Cross. What’s beautiful about the hero of Christ is that He is a hero we can trust in ALL circumstances. In trusting Him as the hero and author of our story, we find freedom. A freedom that gives peace in the chaotic world we live. The freedom that I’m referring to is the ability to not hold on to what’s safe, and what’s comfortable but to let go, and go after what He is leading you towards. We find freedom in understanding how fragile and temporary the life we live is. Inside of this freedom, we can see who we truly are, by letting go of the fear of the unknown. It has been said that everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives. How resonating that is. Sometimes we need just to go, leave it all behind and simply be free. I believe that the most exhilarating feeling a person can have is the moment right before freedom comes. It’s kind of like when you are standing on something very high above a body of water,  and you make the decision to jump in. That moment as you run towards the edge and right before you leap into just air.. the rush of freedom hits. This freedom is the freedom that you can find when you allow God to be the author of your life because of your trust in Him and what He has done through Jesus on the cross. Though you may not be in control of the situation, nor are writing the story, but Jesus is, and He is a way better writer and author than you could ever hope or want to be. So put down the pen and let there be freedom found in knowing you aren’t in control but He who is greater is in total control.

For the longest time in my Christian walk, I don’t think I understood what it meant to find freedom in Christ. For me, and maybe for many of you, Christianity was more of a “do” faith than a “done” faith.  I would go to church, and I would be involved with events going on within the church. I made sure that I was “good” and tried not to do anything that would mess up my reputation.  I put on a good face and an image of something that was only real on the surface, but deep down there was a much greater battle going on within. It seemed to be that for me I found more identity in trying to be good than I did finding identity in Christ.

When we live in a faith that continues to be about us doing good, this inevitably forces us to focus on the things that are bad.  What I mean by this is that for instance when you become so consumed with not sinning, it is sin that becomes the focus of your faith. Now, this is not to say that we should not strive to be holy and not sin, but I am saying that instead of allowing yourself to and what you do be the center of your faith, instead allow Christ and the one who as already done be the center of your faith. There is freedom found in having Christ be at the heart of all of our thoughts, words, and actions. It is impossible for you to find this freedom when you are trying to create freedom for yourself.

By letting Christ give you freedom you then begin to become more understanding of what it means to be a new creation in Christ.  You are now no longer working and trying to be something that appears to be good, but you are now finding rest in understanding that the focus is always on Christ and not on self. In this freedom is the producing of joy, peace, comfort, understanding, satisfaction and hope. We find joy now knowing that Christ has already done the work and appeased God with sacrifice on the cross. The work that Christ did is and was enough. In freedom finds rest, rest in the work of Jesus Christ.

It can be scary to let God invade your life and take over, but I ask aren’t you tired? Aren’t you sick of living a life that is you continuing to work, try, and attempt to be and do something you were never going to be able to do? I was at this point and began to realize that I will only ever find true freedom when I rest in the arms of Jesus knowing that He has done more than I could ever do. Are you living in a “do” faith where you are continually doing and trying, or are you living in a “done” faith where you let the finished work of Christ be the guiding light of your life? There is freedom found in living in the “done” trust in Him and find the freedom you have been seeking for.

I recently was having a conversation with my Dad. For those that know me, My Dad and I don’t have the closest relationship. My Dad over the years has made a lot of mistakes that negatively affected him, me, and my Mom.  In this conversation, we began to talk about God and forgiveness. With many of the classes I take in college being on the study of Christianity and theology, he asked me the question: “Blake, your professors, have a lot of knowledge of God and books, but ask them this, how do I forgive myself for all the wrong that I’ve done?” I can confidently say at that moment I had no answer. The natural thing for me would be to say, “Give it to Jesus” but I believe that it’s much deeper than that.

In my life, I have met some amazing people. People that have challenged me to be better and people that have challenged me to change and to seek after Christ. It is because of the friendships that I have made that are centered around Christ that I’ve seen myself grow the most in the Lord.  I mention this because I believe it is through Christian community and Christian friendships that we grow the most.  What I mean by this is that when I have made mistakes, and am in times that I am hurting it has been the community of Christian friends that I have that have led me back to the cross.  What can easily happen for Christians is that many times they are not surrounded by a community of believers and friends that lead them to Christ before all else.  When we do not have a community around us, often isolation occurs, and a person is forced to attempt to deal with whatever they are struggling with. I believe that isolation is a friend of the enemy and is used by him to make us believe lies that we tell ourselves. The whole purpose of the grace of God is to give a forgiveness and a redefining of who we are.  When we redefine our identity to be in Christ, we can never go back to the identity that we once held before. Christian friendship should seek to help others sustain their identity in the foundation that is Christ.

I believe there are three primary goals to Christian friendship and friendship in general:

To Listen
To Lift
To Lead

We first must be an open ear to our friends and listen to the struggles, and even the joys that people are going through. When we have heard either the struggles or the joys, we then lift them up with encouragement that shows the care we have for them. And lastly, we lead them to Christ showing Him as the solution to the struggle, or the reason for the joy. The ultimate hope of Christian friendship is to walk the path’s of life with others and lead them to the path that leads to Calvary. The reason that my Dad struggles with forgiveness is that he does not have Christian friends that are showing him Christ, to whom he can give all his woes to. My hope in your reading this is that if you do not have friends that listen to you, lift you up, and lead you to Christ then I pray that you would seek out these kinds of friendships.  Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 states:

“The Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!”

Are you a friend that listens, lifts, and leads? And do you have friends that listen, lift, and lead? Let’s all be people that remain in Christ and be Christ to the friends, and everyday people around us.